Parenting is a big job with many challenges.  It’s good to have support along the way. At Wolseley Family Place we offer:

  • Parent/Caregiver Support
  • Individualized Parent/Caregiver Education Classes
  • Group Parent/Caregiver Education Classes

Certificate Programs:

  1. Triple P – Positive Parenting Program
  2. Nobody’s Perfect Parenting Program
  3. Circle of Security

To register for classes or for more information contact Jennifer at 204-560-3147.

On being a parent. . . It’s a busy time of life.

There never seems to be enough time when you’re taking care of a small child.  Your days are busy and full of interruptions.

Try to remember:

* people are more important than things

* there’s a difference between ‘must do’ jobs and ‘should do’ jobs

* look for help and advice

* trust your own judgment

Is it worth it?

It takes hard work and lots of thought to be a good parent but putting in the effort can be rewarding.  Helping your children grow and change is a special and wonderful experience.  It is a gift you give to yourself and to your children.

This information comes from the Nobody’s Perfect parenting course.

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