• WFP Executive Director received the Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Medal.  This  commemorative medal serves to honour significant contributions and achievements by Canadians.
  • WFP Executive Director received the Ruby Award which honors women who have worked to improve the lives of women and girls through their professional and/or volunteer work.


  • WFP was nominated for the Mary Wolfe Award for community service in peace building, social justice and community building. (2011)
  • WFP Food Connection Program was highlighted by LITE for our work with social enterprise work and the positive impact on community from the community. (2011)
  • WFP was nominated for the Heroes of Mental Health 2011. An award for making a significant contribution in the field of Mental Health.
  • WFP received the Provincial Award of Distinction by the Manitoba Partners for Addiction Awareness (2011).


  • WFP has received the Immigrant Advocate Award 2010.


  • WFP has received an award for on-going support to Success Skills Centre 2005 for providing work and work experience to professional new immigrants and refugees.
  • WFP has received several awards for innovation and creative programming.


  • WFP volunteers have received the 2004 Manitoba Attorney General Safer Communities Award
  • WFP participant received the 2004 Reh-fit Centre “Healthy Living Award”
  • WFP received the 2004 Manitoba Addictions Awareness Week Award.


  • WFP received the 2003 Reh-Fit Centre “Healthy Living Award”
  • WFP received the A List Award for Outstanding Contribution to the Community 2003
  • WFP “Diabetes Challenge Project” – Health Canada has been nominated for an international award for exemplary programming that could prevent or reduce the onset of type 2 diabetes which could be adopted and implemented by Canadian communities.


  • WFP has been featured on the front cover of a national magazine for the Canadian Association of Family Resource Programs (2002).
  • WFP has been highlighted on the Government of Canada’s main website (2002).
  • WFP has received an honorary mention from the 2002 Manitoba Attorney General Safer Communities Award.