January in the Playroom
Nestled in one back corner of the playroom is our tree-house/climber. It is a popular place for the children to play. Under the structure, children are often seen building forts with beds and blankets. The mats are incorporated into tunnels and for an extra challenge “mountain slopes” for climbing. The slide also brings much enjoyment for the children. Sliding down is fun but climbing up is even better. With a few simple props their imagination is the limit.

On Mondays at 11:30 a music therapist comes and leads parents and children in a ½ hour of singing and stories. Children learn songs, do a little dancing and make a lot of wonderful noise.

Wednesday mornings from 10 – 12 we have Wiggle, Giggle & Munch for children who are into movement. The morning includes physical activities, a craft, circle time and a nutritious snack. January dates are the 18th and 25th. All our programs are run on a drop-in basis. You do not have to pre-register. Just come on the days that work for you and your family. For more information, give us a call at 204-788-8055.

Staying Energized No Matter What: 9 Things You Can Do Every Day
– By Erika Andersen

Be kind to your body – Whenever you’re tempted to throw your own body under the bus of your crazy schedule – stop. Just for today, have a simple, healthy, delicious meal and go to bed at a reasonable hour. Things may look very different in the morning.

Practice ‘good mental hygiene’ – For instance, if you find yourself thinking, “I’ll never get out from under all of this – nobody will help me,” challenge that with more hopeful – but still realistic – thinking.

Cultivate supporters – Indulge in and appreciate the joy of being with people who support and trust you, who enrich your life and make it more joyful. And if you don’t now have such people in your life – find some.

Find time for pleasure – Five minutes of pure fun or joy in the midst of a grind can be astonishingly rejuvenating.
Limit complaining – Complaining is like smoking: it may feel great while you’re doing it, but it’s really destructive long-term.

Rest your brain – Stop thinking for a few minutes. If you know how to meditate, do that. If not, just observe your breathing.

Call time out – Excuse yourself; find someplace private; take a few minutes to cry, or yell, or breathe deeply, or do nothing. Once you feel a little more normal, come back.

Give something – When we’re stressed, we tend to get over-focused on ourselves; it’s like getting caught in a negative energy vortex. Sometimes the best way to break out of the cycle is to focus on giving of ourselves to someone else.

Be grateful – One of the most powerful ways to re-energize yourself on an awful day is to remind yourself of just one thing in your life that is wonderful.

Taking any of these steps when you’re stressed, tired and/or overworked can be a challenge. But it is possible…and the more you do it, the easier it gets.