February 2019

February in the Playroom

As much as the Playroom and children would enjoy playing outside, the challenges of winter often prevents this from happening. Thankfully to the creative thinking of staff, the children were able to experience some outdoor fun, indoors. Having collected a large bin of snow, the children gathered round the table and were eager to begin to play.   With mitts available to keep hands warm, the children were provided spoons for digging as well as eyedroppers and food colouring with water. Using these items, the children were able to explore the different properties of snow. Observations were made as the children watched the snow change as they mixed the different colours together. Several snow-people were made and eventually some animals made their way into the snow for the children to bury. The children had fun as they dug them out and played in the snow.


Thank you to Assiniboine Credit Union

We want to give a big shout out to Assiniboine Credit Union for sponsoring our annual community trip to Fort Whyte Alive. We had a winter wonderland experience in the snow with tobogganing, seeing the bison,

story-telling in the teepee and lots more. Thanks ACU for the chance to experience a Manitoba winter at its best.


Wiggle, Giggle and Munch

Wednesday mornings from 10 – 12 we have Wiggle, Giggle & Munch for children who are into movement. The morning includes physical activities, a craft, circle time and a nutritious snack. February dates are the 6th, 13th, 20th and 27th. You do not have to pre-register. Just come on the days that work for you and your family. For more information please call us at 204-788-8055.


Liz Gilbert’s Letter to Fear: 

(from Elizabeth Gilbert’s 2015 book, “Big Magic”)

“Dearest Fear,

Creativity and I are about to go on a road trip. I understand that you’ll be joining us – because you always do.

I acknowledge that you believe you have an important job to do in my life and you take your job seriously.

Apparently your job is to induce complete panic in me whenever I’m about to do something interesting – and, may I say, you are superb at your job.

So by all means, keep doing your job, if you feel you must. But I will also be doing my job on this road trip, which is to work hard and stay focused. And creativity will be doing its job, which is to remain stimulating and inspiring. There’s plenty of room in the vehicle for all of us, so make yourself at home, but understand: Creativity and I are the only ones who will be making any decisions along the way.

I recognize and respect that you are part of this family, and so I will never exclude you from our activities, but still – your suggestions will never be followed. You’re allowed to have a seat, and you’re allowed to have a voice, but you are not allowed to have a vote. You are not allowed to touch the road maps; you are not allowed to suggest detours; you’re not allowed to fiddle with the temperature. Dude, you’re not even allowed to choose the friggin’ snacks!

But above all else, my dear old familiar friend, you are absolutely forbidden to drive.

Then we head off together – me and creativity and fear – side by side by side forever, advancing once more into the terrifying but marvelous terrain of unknown outcome.”


Healthy Together

Join us as we discover ways of being healthy together! Each session includes fun games, activities, and an opportunity to cook and enjoy wholesome food together. Kids welcome to participate! February dates are the 4th and 25th from 1:30-3:30.

Sign-up sheet available at 1:00 in the drop-in