February 2017 Newsletter

February in the playroom
Snack time is an important time in the playroom. Twice a day the children can come to the table and join a staff and other children for a healthy treat. This time is a great opportunity for the children to sit together and take a break from their play.
Plenty of interesting conversations can be heard – food, families and friends are often part of these discussions. Eating is encouraged but never forced. This allows the children some control over themselves and helps them to listen to their own bodies. They are also practicing their manners and patience.
Above all, it’s a great time to recharge their bodies so they can continue to play.

Music Circle
On Mondays at 11:30 a music therapist comes and leads parents and children in a ½ hour of singing and stories. Children learn songs, do a little dancing and make a lot of wonderful noise.

Wiggle, Giggle and Munch
Wednesday mornings from 10 – 12 we have Wiggle, Giggle & Munch for children who are into movement. The morning includes physical activities, a craft, circle time and a nutritious snack. February dates are the 1st, 8th, 15th and 22nd. All our programs are run on a drop-in basis. You do not have to pre-register. Just come on the days that work for you and your family. For more information, give us a call at 204-788-8055.

Motivation is generally defined as the force that compels us to action. Understanding motivation can be a huge contribution to understanding ourselves and why we act and react as we do. And this, in turn can help us to see what direction we might like to take our lives in so that we can come close to that idea of happiness. What is/are your motivation(s)?
Are the people and relationships in your world your guiding light?

Does the quest for information or knowledge matter most to you?

Do you have a powerful desire to be seen as successful in the way that you define success?

Do matters of security guide your life?

Do you like to know where things are at and what to expect?

Do you prefer peace and quiet to all else?

Are you content as long as there is excitement and energy?

Is it crucially important that all details be in place?

The importance of parents
‘For each of us, the universe first comes into focus in the reflection of a caregiver’s eyes. The intensity of an infant’s need to get its bearings there is so absolute, so transcendent, that words can’t convey it.’ (Powell) For the infant, their parent is the most important person in the world. They are the child’s means of survival – physically for sure, but also emotionally and spiritually. ‘As thirst proves the existence of water, the fiery need children have for their parents proves that nature entrusted parents with an amazing power to respond. It’s an inherent circuitry, part of the natural scheme of things.’ ‘(Cooper)