June 2017 Newsletter

June in the playroom
If you’ve come into the playroom recently, you’re likely to notice our fish tank and the growing number of fish within it. The fish tank has been an important feature in the playroom for many years and never ceases to amaze and entertain both the children and adults alike. Large smiles fill the children’s faces as they discover the new baby fish hiding among the rocks. This discovery requires plenty of patience and a quiet and still hand. Talk ensues regarding the different types of fish and their needs. Our fish tank is just one way in which we can help children to develop an appreciation for nature. read more

Annual General Meeting June 13, 2017 1:00 – 3:00

April 2017 Newsletter

April in the Playroom
This past month the children in the playroom have taken an interest in letters, words and writing. To help excite this interest, we have labeled a few pieces of furniture and fixtures around the room. Immediately as children enter, they become aware of these labels and excitedly begin searching for them. As each new label is discovered the children are able to read what was written. “I can read” was a statement heard by many children. Labeling common words is just one way to help children with their early literacy. Reading with children, singing songs and rhymes and even drawing are some other ways that the playroom encourages this skill in children. read more

March 2017 Newsletter

March in the playroom
Recently the playroom acquired a large wooden doll house. It is a welcomed addition to the room. The children have been using it in many different ways. It has been a home to people, animals, cars and even a few plants. With the movable walls and doors, the children are able to re-design the house to fit their needs. The doll house has also helped to facilitate co-operative and imaginative play between children. One child who typically plays alone was observed playing with another and asking others to join in all while using the doll house as a prop. We are lucky to have such a wonderful toy in the playroom. read more

February 2017 Newsletter

February in the playroom
Snack time is an important time in the playroom. Twice a day the children can come to the table and join a staff and other children for a healthy treat. This time is a great opportunity for the children to sit together and take a break from their play.
Plenty of interesting conversations can be heard – food, families and friends are often part of these discussions. Eating is encouraged but never forced. This allows the children some control over themselves and helps them to listen to their own bodies. They are also practicing their manners and patience.
Above all, it’s a great time to recharge their bodies so they can continue to play. read more


January in the Playroom
Nestled in one back corner of the playroom is our tree-house/climber. It is a popular place for the children to play. Under the structure, children are often seen building forts with beds and blankets. The mats are incorporated into tunnels and for an extra challenge “mountain slopes” for climbing. The slide also brings much enjoyment for the children. Sliding down is fun but climbing up is even better. With a few simple props their imagination is the limit. read more

December 2016 Newsletter

December in the Playroom
With the arrival of snow finally upon us, the children have been coming into the playroom with new excitement and wonder. When the weather permits, we will be going to the side yard to play. There are snow men, snow angels and forts to be built. To encourage and allow for this outdoor snow play it’s important that the children have their mitts, boots and snow pants. read more

November 2016 Newsletter

As our name suggests, the playroom is a place where children come to play. But what does that mean to play? and why is it so important? Simply put, it is through play that children are able to interact, explore and learn about the world around them. When children play together, they are learning to negotiate and compromise. As they play and build with blocks, concepts such as math and science are being explored. When a child picks up a puzzle piece and decides it’s a cell phone instead, her imagination is being fostered. Play helps children to learn new skills and master old ones. And besides, playing is just plain fun! read more