October 2016 Newsletter

October in the Playroom
The children celebrated the end of the gardening season with a fragrant walk between the garden boxes in the front of Wolseley Family Place. The children enjoyed exploring the smells, textures and colors of the garden that was tended by some of the moms. The children appreciated the beauty of the lavender and petunias while studying the shape, texture and smell of the sage, rosemary, thyme, chives, oregano and basil. read more

September 2016 Newsletter

September in the Playroom
Technology has been a useful tool in the promotion of movement and dance in the playroom. The children have been enjoying dancing and singing to a variety of videos created just for preschool children. Through this technology, agility and coordination are promoted as the children copy the dance routines. As well as the fun of moving to the beat of the music, early literacy skills are supported as the children follow the test as they sing along. read more

August Newsletter

August in the Playroom
Summer time brings so much to do:
* Picking & eating beans from our garden
* Building houses from paper
*Making pokeballs
* Blowing bubbles
*Watching & counting our baby fish
*Making & enjoying lemonade
* We went to Tinkertown! read more

July 2016 Newsletter

July in the Playroom
One afternoon, after a day of rain, a group of children gathered around a log to see what would be found under it. To everyone’s surprise, there were many big juicy earthworms on the top of the soil. After watching and a little hesitation, a three year old said “I want to feel one.” She touched one and then all the children wanted to feel what a worm felt like too. The children intently observed the worms and then watched as they returned underground where they can work to enrich the soil of our garden and grass. read more

June 2016 Calendar

In the playroom, children have been finding a variety of ways to play with our new colored scarves. On the first day three children rolled in the scarves and covered each other before erupting like volcanos out of the pile. The large chiffon-like squares have been turned into costumes and used as veils, capes and skirts. One child quietly draped the bookcase and computer while another group used the scarves to pull each other on the carpet. The scarves are open ended objects that allow the children to use their imaginations and explore the fabric in new and unexpected ways. read more