August 2017 Newsletter

August in the Playroom

With summer finally here the staff and children are slowly making their way to the side yard. While outside the children have the opportunities to build in the sandboxes, water the plants in the garden, dig for bugs in the dirt and so much more. This time outside allows for much needed fresh air and the space to run, jump and expend some of their boundless energy. It’s amazing to see the difference in children’s behavior when they are provided this freedom to explore the outdoors, to feel the sun on their faces and to connect with nature.


Music Circle

On Mondays at 11:30 a music therapist comes and leads parents and children in a ½ hour of singing and stories. Children learn songs, do a little dancing and make a lot of wonderful noise.


Summer Fun in August

On August 4th, Frontier College’s Reading Tent will be set up in the side yard from 1:30-2:30, (weather permitting), for story time, fun literacy, activities and free books! Kathy will have a craft set up in the multi-purpose room also.

On August 11th, Wolseley Family Place will be closing down for the afternoon and we hope you will join us at the BNC Splash Pad

from 1:00-4:00!

On August 18th, we will have Motion Zone set up in the Mulvey School yard, (weather permitting). From 1:30 to around 2:30 Motion Zone will bring out a bunch of super fun equipment for kids (and parents too!) to try out.

Bingo will be back on September 1st.


Mental Health – Klinic

Everyone struggles in life at one time or another, and life’s journey has many ups and downs, twists and turns.  Life is never a straight and even path and may require the occasional detour to get to where we want to be in life. Whether you have experienced traumatic events or not, and most of us have, we all experience times when we doubt ourselves, are fearful, uncertain and feel inadequate. This is part of being human.

Trauma can affect our mental health but it doesn’t mean we are crazy, sick or ill. Remember, trauma is an injury that happens to us.

Many people think mental health is simply the absence of a mental illness. Mental health and mental illness are however two very different things.  Mental health is the sense of well-being that comes from knowing that you can cope with whatever life sends our way.  Mental health is about a quality of life and finding balance between all aspects of our lives – social, physical, spiritual and emotional.

It is understandable and very normal that when we experience traumatic events we can feel less confident in our ability to cope with what life throws at us. It can change the way you view and interact with the world around you.  While it can feel crazy making but it doesn’t mean you are crazy.  Your reactions and feelings are normal reactions to abnormal events.

You survived these traumatic events because of strengths you have and internal and external resources you could access.  This also took courage.  Recovering from the affects of trauma and enhancing your mental health is about understanding and knowing your strengths and knowing yourself. No one has perfect mental health and everyone can do things to improve their mental health.  It’s a life long journey that gets easier as you travel down the road you have already started.  You are actually farther down that road than what you might think.