Rosalie Cadron Jetté

In May 1845, Rosalie Cadron-Jette moved into the attic of her son’s house, bringing with her  a young woman who had recently given birth. From these humble roots, the Misericordia Family was born, which eventually gave birth to Wolseley Family Place.

Rosalie was born in 1794 in Lavaltrie, Quebec.  She married and then mothered 11 children; although 6 grew to adulthood, 5 others died as children.

Because her husband died when she was 38 years old and she had to raise her children alone, she came to understand the struggles of the single mother.

This led to her willingness to assist when young women came to her, faced with the dilemma of unintended pregnancies for which they had no support.

Since 1997, Wolseley Family Place has continued the tradition of walking with women and their families.

The  tiny purple violet  flower  has come to represent Rosalie’s humility, simplicity and modesty, her constant readiness  to serve others, especially single mothers and their children.