• WFP had it’s First and Second Golden Apron Fundraising Gala Event
  • WFP is involved with Healthy Together a nationally innovative and unique family education model that brings families together to learn to make healthy choices and relationships.


  • WFP celebrates it’s 15 Anniversary
  • WFP was involved on a Sustainable Employment Strategy with the Government of Manitoba for EIA Participants to successfully transition to Employment.


  • WFP was one of the panelist for the Commission of Inquiry into the circumstances surrounding the death of Phoenix Sinclair and in particular to inquire into:
    •the child welfare services provided or not provided to Phoenix Sinclair and her family under The Child and Family Services Act;
    •any other circumstances, apart from the delivery of child welfare services, directly related to the death of Phoenix Sinclair; and
    •why the death of Phoenix Sinclair remained undiscovered for several months.


  • WFP was one of the Children Equity Knowledge Leaders on children’s environmental health


  • WFP Food Connection Program has been highlighted by LITE (2011) for your social enterprise work and the positive impact WFP has had on the WFP contract workers.
  • WFP in 2011 was nominated for the Heroes of Mental Health Award. This award an organization or business that had made an significant contribution in the field of mental health.
  • WFP in 2011 received the Provincial Award of Distinction by the Manitoba Partners for Addictions Awareness.
  • The Executive Director was nominated in 2011 for the Mary Wolfe Award.
  • The Executive Director received the Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Award


  • WFP is involved on a National Advisory Committee to provide direction and recommendations for the design and implementation of a national project on Food Security in Canada (2006/2005)
  • WFP is involved on a national working group on women and housing to provide recommendations to the Government of Canada to develop, adopt and implement a National Housing Policy that addresses affordability, accessibility, security and stability of low income women


  • WFP has received an award for on-going support to Success Skills Centre 2005 for providing work and work experience to professional new immigrants and refugees.
  • WFP has participated at the House of Commons Standing Committee on the Status of Women on Funding for Equality Seeking Organizations (May 2005)
  • WFP has participated on the Manitoba Low Wage Inquiry Hearings in Winnipeg (May 2005)


  • WFP received the 2004 Manitoba Addictions Awareness Week Award.
  • WFP volunteers have received the 2004 Manitoba Attorney General Safer Communities Award
  • WFP participant received the 2004 Reh-fit Centre “Healthy Living Award”


  • WFP received the 2003 Reh-Fit Centre “Healthy Living Award”
  • WFP received the A List Award for Outstanding Contribution to the Community 2003
  • WFP “Diabetes Challenge Project” – Health Canada has been nominated for an international award for exemplary programming that could prevent or reduce the onset of type 2 diabetes which could be adopted and implemented by Canadian communities.
  • WFP has received several awards for innovation and creative programming.
  • WFP and ACT NOW Theatre Company hosted The Wildest Dream to build connection with community members for a healthier community.
  • The Executive Director received an award from the Provincial Council of Manitoba Women for making a difference in the quality of life for women, their families and the community.


  • WFP has made presentations at 20+ national conferences contributing to awareness and current practices of similar organizations.
    Presentation topics include empowerment, diverse partners, crime prevention, population health, breastfeeding, and holistic models of service delivery for families and children (2002 – 1999).
  • WFP is involved in the National Advisory Committee on Volunteer Management with Health Canada (2003 – 2003). In terms of other national committees, WFP has been on committees with the Family Resource Program Canada examining topics such as child care ethics, northern and remote issues, and development of evaluation indicators (2003 – 2001).
  • WFP has been featured on the front cover of a national magazine for the Canadian Association of Family Resource Programs (2002).
  • WFP has been highlighted on the Government of Canada’s main website (2002).
  • WFP has received an honorary mention from the 2002 Manitoba Attorney General Safer Communities Award.


  • WFP has participated in “think tanks” to share our knowledge and experience on reaching and maintaining the focus population.
    Other activities included sharing our principles and practices for involving difficult-to-reach families (e.g., teen parents, low literacy families, transient/homeless families, and those families who are distrustful of services, depressed, and isolated; 2001).

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